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Forget French Trend: It’s All About the Scandinavian | ELINI & CHRIS


Rooted in and inspired by the natural beauty of Scandinavia, Eleni & Chris do not compromise when it comes to ingredients. We are passionate about where they come from, which is what makes our products so refreshingly different. We have found the purest of natural ingredients from which to create our signature products.

Eleni & Chris‘s products are developed from a selection of the purest ingredients, sourced directly from the fields, fjords, and glacier of Scandinavia.


Scandinavian beauty brand Eleni & Chris is the beauty empire created by Inger Ellen and her daughter Christinah Nicolaisen. Together they have developed brand-new skincare lined derived of the finest of all cosmetics from the purest of Scandinavian ingredients.

Whilst they differ in their background and approach, Inger Ellen and Christinah share an extraordinary level of drive, passion, and creativity, rooted in and inspired by their Scandinavian home. The partnership of these women is founded in mutual respect of the strengths that they each bring to the creation of beauty products embodied by their unique spirit.