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Who's FCN founder?

My love for fashion and my personal story are why since 2008, I became involved with sustainability in the fashion industry. The positive impact that sustainable fashion and eco-conscious have a positive impact on the people lifestyle and the most important on our planet.
The fashion industry is one of the biggest wasteful industry (as the oil industry). WHO IS JULIE?
Entrepreneur, Creative Director and consultant expert in sustainable fashion, luxury goods, and retail industry. With a successful track record in brand strategy, digital marketing, and sales management, Julie is a highly experienced marketer with a direct interface to the client in at both a strategic and operational level. Extended international exposure and hands-on marketing knowledge gained through living/working in Europe and experience in operating and leading in different markets. An articulate, multi-lingual, focused and innovative manager who can deliver sustainable results. Leverage expertise in strategic thinking, client and business development, data analysis, organizational processes.

Julie Atenda

What's FCN?

FASHION CONSULTING NETWORK * SHOWCASES SUSTAINABILITY in FASHION & LIFESTYLE, CONNECTS through NETWORKING EVENTS professionals, entrepreneurs, brands and people with an eco-conscious, & an eco-friendly mindset. A platform also created with the spirit of being the bridge between them, so they can supplement each other either in an association, and facilitates the exchange of experiences between professionals involved in sustainability.

Brand Management

Analyzing and planning on how a brand is perceived in the market is a work for a creative mind and inspiring person.


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